World University Rankings 2021 : USA in Top

Top University Rankings 2021

The World University Rankings 2021 has been made. The list was compiled by Times Higher Education. The list of best universities has already been published by Times Higher Education. The United States is at the top.

The Times Higher Education recently compiled a list of universities in 93 countries around the world. It lists more than 1,500 universities.

The list has been compiled by evaluating educational institutions on a number of criteria such as education, research, teacher-student ratio, and international standards.

More than 13 million research publications and more than 22,000 academics have been consulted during the rankings this year.

The list is based on 30 percent in education, 30 percent in research, 30 percent in research impact, 7.5 in teacher-student-research ratio, and 2.5 in student exchange.

Oxford University is one of the best educational institutions in the world. The university has been at the top for five consecutive years. China’s Tsinghua University is the first university in Asia to be in the top 20 this year. There are 8 US universities in the top ten of the list.

For the first time, 141 universities in the world have been included in the list. The universities in France are in a relatively good position. 14 Indian universities have been listed newly. India has 63 educational institutions in the list of the best universities.

Below is a list of the top 10 universities:

  1. Oxford University. The UK University has been at the top for five consecutive years.
  2. Stanford University. This university in the United States was at number 4 last year. This time it has risen to number 2 in the list.
  3. Harvard University. Last time, this university in the United States was at number 7. This time it has come to number 3.
  4. The California Institute of Technology. The University of California was in second place last year. This time the university has dropped to four.
  5. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is ranked No. 5 on this year’s list of engineering universities.
  6. The University of Cambridge. This well-known university in the United Kingdom was at number 3 in the last list. Now go down three steps and its position is at number 6.
  7. The University of California, Berkeley. This American university was not in the top ten last times. This year it is at number 7 on the list.
  8. Yale University. Yale University is in the same position as last time.
  9. Princeton University. Princeton University was at number 6 last times. This time the university is at number 9 on the list.
  10. The University of Chicago. The ranking of the university has deteriorated. Last time it was at number 9. This time at number 10.

It is followed by Imperial College of London (11), Johns Hopkins University (12), University of Pennsylvania, USA (13); ETH Zurich, Switzerland (14) and the University of California, Los Angeles is at number 15.

References: Times Higher Education

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