Students can use any account for stipend

The Prime Minister’s Education Assistance Trust has issued guidelines on the use of mobile banking / online banking accounts for receiving stipends for secondary and higher secondary students in the country. According to the directive, through the Integrated Stipend Program (HSP) under the Prime Minister’s Education Assistance Trust, students in the sixth, ninth, and 2020-2021 academic years will be able to access any mobile banking account / any scheduled bank online for inclusion in the stipend program. That means it is completely open.

In this case, the students are requested to use any of the existing mobile banking accounts / online bank account numbers of any scheduled bank for the purpose of remittance of stipends directly to the students of secondary and higher secondary level.

The directive has requested the heads of the scheduled educational institutions to enter the stipend information in HSP MIS by April 23 and send it to the Upazila / Thana Secondary Education Officer.

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