Diploma Admission till 25 May

Admission to the vacant seats in the third phase of Diploma in Engineering and Tourism courses for SSC graduates in government-private polytechnic institutes and government technical schools and colleges has been extended. From April 11 to May 25, students will have the opportunity to apply for admission in the third phase. This has been said in a notification of the Technical Education Board.

Application forms for admission of HSC students who have passed the Science and Vocational Branch from the nearest public-private polytechnic institute should be collected. Students will have to apply for admission along with the institution from April 11 to May 25. Applicants will have to send the information to the board online between May 28 and June 2 from the institution. The final list of selected students will be released on June 8. However, the Technical Education Board did not announce the start time of the third phase.

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