Revoked teaching permission without own installation

The Dhaka Board of Secondary and Higher Education has instructed the educational institutions which do not have their own establishments up to the higher secondary level to go to their own establishments in a short time. If not, action will be taken according to the law including revocation of teaching permission of those institutions. The Dhaka Board of Education has issued an ’emergency notification’ on April 11 in response to a letter from the education ministry.

Dhaka Education Board Secretary Tapan Kumar Sarkar told Prothom Alo that this means that from now on no school or college under the board will be able to run in rented houses. The organization must have its own installation on its own land.

Mentioned, there are instructions to set up the institution on its own land as a prerequisite for permission to teach in the educational institution. Besides, it has been directed to update the amount of land, details, ledger, namazari and deposit, land development tax submission, land deed, and actual possession documents of the respective educational institutions and send them to the board.

The Dhaka Board of Education said in a statement that despite receiving permission to set up various educational institutions, teaching, and academic recognition, the land in the name of the institution has not been registered yet. Due to this various complications are being created. Due to non-naming, there is a danger that the land of the educational institution will be encroached by some unscrupulous groups.

The Dhaka Board of Education also said that an inspection team has been formed to monitor these issues and take necessary measures. Earlier on February 11, the Ministry of Education had written to the Department of Secondary and Higher Education to take necessary steps in this regard.

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