University Admission Test not before April

Public University Admission

It is not possible to take the university admission test before April. Admission tests will actually be taken after controlled the corona situation.

Although the results of HSC and equivalent have been published, the admission test of medical and public universities is not being held before April. It is planned to take admission tests of other universities after admission tests in medical and engineering.

Although the four engineering and technology universities also discussed taking admission tests on a cluster basis, the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) has said that it will take separate admission tests as before.

However, the other three engineering universities RUET, KUET, and CUET will take admission tests on a cluster basis from this year.


Medical Admission Test

There are about 10 thousand and fifty hundred seats in public and private medical colleges and dental colleges and units. It has been proposed to the ministry to take the medical admission test in April. The examination will be held on the date approved by the ministry. It is proposed to take the MBBS admission test on April 2 and the dental exam on April 30.

Cluster System Admission Test

This is, for the first time, 20 general and science and technology universities are going to take admission tests on a cluster system. Students will get admission to these 20 universities through a total of three admission tests for the Science, Humanities, and Business Studies group in the 100 marks Multiple Choice Question (MCQ).

Agricultural University Admission Test

Seven agricultural universities have been conducting admission tests on a cluster basis since the last academic year. This time Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University in Gazipur is leading the admission process. Usually, they take the test after the medical and BUET admission test. It may be the same again. Preparations are underway to hold a meeting next week on the admission test.

Autonomous Public University Admission Test

Four autonomous universities including Dhaka will conduct separate admission tests. Due to the coronavirus, the admission test centers will be decentralized in the divisional cities. As a result, when the universities and similar educational institutions of the departmental cities open, they will be able to take exams.

University of Engineering Admission Test

Bangladesh University of Engineering (BUET), Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (RUET), Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET), and Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET) decided in principle to take admission test on a cluster basis. But finally, BUET has announced that they are not having admission tests on a cluster basis. In that case, the BUET admission test will be held separately as before.

As a result, KCUET, RUET, and CUET will be taken the admission test as a cluster system. This time the admission test will be led by CUET.

Admission to National University

The National University conducts the admission process on the basis of SSC and HSC examination results. As a result, there is no complication in the admission test in the national university.

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