10500 students got HSC Scholarships

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, ‘autopass’ was given to the HSC candidates of 2020. Based on the results of the public examination, 10,501 students have received merit and general scholarships from various education boards of the country. According to the Department of Secondary and Higher Education (Maushi) of the Ministry of Education.

According to the DSHE, this time a total of 1,125 students got merit in the HSC examination. On the other hand, 9,376 students got general scholarships.

Among the merit recipients are 427 students in Dhaka Education Board, 72 in Mymensingh Education Board, 194 in Rajshahi Education Board, 69 in Comilla Education Board, 31 in Sylhet Education Board, 41 in Barisal Education Board, 94 in Jessore Education Board, 86 in Chittagong Education Board and 111 in Dinajpur Education Board.

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Among the general scholarship recipients – 2,700 in Dhaka Education Board, 659 in Mymensingh Education Board, 1,262 in Rajshahi Education Board, 896 in Comilla Education Board, 592 in Sylhet Education Board, 570 in Barisal Education Board, 1,002 in Jessore Education Board, 729 in Chittagong Education Board, Dinajpur Board of Education has 966 students.

Those who have received merit scholarships will be given a monthly allowance of Tk 825 and a lump sum of Tk 1,800 per year. Ordinary scholarship recipients will be paid Tk. 375 per month and Tk. 750 once a year, according to DSHE sources.

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