Textbooks are changing

Textbooks are changing 1

Textbooks are changing in Bangladesh. The textbook for students is changing dramatically, said Education Minister Dipu Moni. “We have talked about improving the quality of education at all levels in the election manifesto,” she said. I am making major changes in the curriculum to improve the quality of education. Teacher recruitment and training are very important, we are also working on it. At the same time, I am using appropriate technology.

She was speaking as the chief guest at the awarding of Best Reporting Award-2020 organized by Education Reporters Association, Bangladesh (IRAB) at the Segunbagichar International Mother Tongue auditorium in the capital on Wednesday.

The award ceremony was presided over by the outgoing President of Iraq, Mustaq Ahmed. The inauguration ceremony was presided over by Sabbir Newaz, the newly elected President of Iraq. Primary and Mass Education Minister Zakir Hossain was the special guest on the occasion. Akram Al Hossain, Senior Secretary, Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, Aminul Islam Khan, Secretary, Technical and Madrasa Department, Ministry of Education, Prof Syed Golam Faruk, Director General, Department of Secondary and Higher Education, Saiful Alam, President, National Press Club are also a special guest.

“Online education has become an integral part of education in Corona, and Corona will continue to be an integral part of our online education system,” she said. There is no chance to get out of it.

The socio-familial pressure that the insanity with GPA-5 puts on the student and their family is not conducive to physical-mental health and social health as well.

The education minister said care was being taken to ensure that the student assessment system did not create such additional pressure.

Citing some major problems in the education system, the education minister said it was additional test reliance. Testing means extra stress, a burden. That’s not just for students; it’s for their parents, for everyone, for the whole system. They have a certificate with them – you have to get a certificate. But with that certificate, with a paper, what else do I get? What skills do I qualify for?

But we also have extra stress or social pressure on the student. This is the craze for a GPA-5 and the socio-familial pressure it puts on the student-family, but I don’t think it’s at all conducive to physical-mental health and social health. So we are trying to focus on that so that the assessment method does not create such additional stress.

Primary and Mass Education Minister Zakir Hossain said that, after the assassination of Bangabandhu and his family, no government gave importance to education in that way. The tremendous improvement in education that has taken place in the last few years is due to his daughter.

Senior Secretary of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education Akram-al-Hussein said, “We are moving forward on various indicators.” A great revolution has been achieved in education. I am going to recruit 35 thousand teachers. We can give a quality education.

Aminul Islam Khan, secretary of the technical and madrasa education department, said, “We want to bring technical and vocational education in general education as well.” We want to create skilled human resources. So that everyone will be action-oriented. The government is working towards that goal.

Department of Secondary and Higher Education (Mausi) Director General Syed Mohammad Ghulam Farooq told reporters that understanding between the two sides is needed for the progress of education. Education bit journalists are playing an important role in this.


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