NU Honours 4th Year Result 2020

NU Honours 4th Year Result 2020

National University NU Honours 4th Year Result 2020 will be published at the end of the examination. The Honours Fourth Year Examination has not been Completed yet. With only a few exams left, all activities at the National University were declared closed due to the current Corona situation. All Examination has been suspended due to the closure of the Bangladesh National University.

The rest of the tests will be held after the situation returns to normal. The National University Authority will publish a new exam schedule. Revised Exam Routine will be published for all the examinations that were ongoing. Postponed examinations will be taken on a priority basis as per the published routine. The Exam papers evaluation and results will be published in the shortest time after the completion of the examination.

Honours Fourth Year Exam Result 2020:
The Honours final year results will be published at the end of the examination. The results will be announced through a press briefing just before the results are released. The number of candidates, pass rate, etc. will be informed in the news freebie. Other information including the time and medium of publication of results will also be informed.

Honours Final Year Result Date:
The National University NU honours 4th Year Result publication date will be finalized after completion of all the examinations. Due to the current situation in Bangladesh, all the tests have already been postponed. The results will be released shortly after taking the rest of the exams as per the revised routine.

National universities usually publish results without any prior announcement. Or publish the result through a short announcement. The news will be announced on the official website in the morning on the day the results will be released.

On the day of the publication of the result, the result will be published first through mobile SMS. The results will then be uploaded on the University website. Results will be known via SMS from 1 pm. The results will be available from the website from 6 pm.

How to know the Honours 4th Year Result?

NU Honors Fourth Year results can be known in two ways. One is the Mobile SMS and the other is the website. Results will be published before the website via mobile SMS. Then the result will be uploaded on the website.

The result can be known by sending a message from a mobile phone from 1 pm. Later, the results will be known from the website from 6 pm. Results can be found on the National University website and Only brief results can be known through SMS. But detailed results can be known through the website. You can also know the result including CGPA from the website.

Usually, the results are published a little late through the website, but the results are known in the fastest time through mobile messages. It is relatively easy and affordable to know the result through the message. So you can know the result by sending a message from your mobile phone at the beginning. You can know the detailed results later from the website.

Honours 4th Year Result by SMS:
National University Honours final year results can be known from any mobile phone. Message can be sent from any mobile operator such as Grameenphone, Banglalink, Robi, Airtel, or Teletalk. However, if you send a message from Teletalk, you will get the result in the fastest time. You can send a message in the following process to know the result through SMS. You will be informed of the result in the return message. SMS charge 2 takas + VAT will be applicable. Messages can be sent to multiple candidates from one mobile phone. A separate charge will be deducted for each message.

Message Instruction: First go to the message option on your mobile phone. Go to the new message option and type NU <> H4 <> Roll/Registration Number and send the message to 16222. Example: NU H4 876529 Send the message to 16222. In the return message, you will be informed about the result along with the GPA received in the fourth year.

Although the results can be known easily and quickly through the message, the detailed results can be found only from the website. Also, four years integrated results with CGPA can be found only from the website.

Results by websites:
Results can be found from two websites and of the National University. The results can be found quickly and easily through the regular website of the National University as well as through

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Honors 4th Year Result Challenge:
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