Complications in Chittagong University Admission Application

Chittagong University (CU) 2020-21 academic year, the first year of graduate admission test application process has been complicated. Many aspiring students are unable to apply due to server errors. Mohammad Khairul Islam, director of the university’s ICT cell, has promised to resolve the issue soon after students complained about problems in the application process.

He told the media on Wednesday night that students seeking admission to the new software are having a bit of a problem. Many are not getting the message by paying the fee. Many are unable to enter. They know they matter. The ICT team is working on this. The matter will be resolved in a day or two.

For so many years, the authorities of Chittagong University used to conduct the admission process with the software of Teletalk Company and Dhaka University. Later in 2016, a contract was signed with a company called ‘Agami Labs’. All the admission activities are conducted from 2018 to 2019 with the software made by that company. However, since this year, the university authorities have been using their own proprietary software.

Khairul Islam said the contract with Labs has not been renewed. The software they created was not owned by the university. The university had only user rights. As a result, if you want to add or subtract anything in the software, you have to go to that company. For this reason, the university authorities have created the software with the opportunity of their own ownership and intellectual property.

Earlier, the students had reported problems with the admission application since Tuesday night. One admitted student named Ashik is not able to apply for the ‘A’ unit despite having qualifications.

He said his GPA in SSC and HSC combined is more than 9:30. But you have to apply in ‘A’ unit all in all. Can’t access the server even after repeated attempts. He was unable to apply to the “A” unit at first and has not been able to apply to any unit since today.

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