Adamjee Cantonment College HSC Admission Circular 2020

Adamjee Cantonment College HSC Admission Circular 2020 has been published. Class XI admission application 2020-2021 can be done through online and SMS through the central admission process of the Ministry of Education. The Central Admission Committee has disclosed the eligibility of Adamjee Cantonment College application, required GPA, number of seats, and other information.

Adamjee Cantonment College, run by Bangladesh Army, is located in Dhaka Cantonment. There are Science, Humanities, and Business Studies groups here. There are both Bengali and English versions in the Science and Business Studies groups and only the Bangla version in the Humanities group. There are admission opportunities for both male and female students. In the co-education system, only morning shift classes are conducted here.

You may follow:

Available Seats:

  • There are 1250 seats for the Bangla version of the science group
  • There are 375 seats for the English version of the science group.
  • There are 220 seats for the Humanities group.
  • The Business Studies group has 100 seats for the English version.
  • The Business Studies group has 600 seats for the Bangla version.

Eligibility for application:

  • GPA 5.00 for application in Bangla version of Science Group.
  • GPA 5.00 for the English version of the Science Group application.
  • A minimum GPA of 4.50 will be required to apply for the Bangla version of the Business Studies Group.
  • The minimum GPA for English version application in the Business Studies Group is 4.50.
  • You must have a minimum GPA of 4.00 to apply for the Humanities group.

Application Process:
You can apply online at Adamjee Cantonment College. You can also apply by sending an SMS through Teletalk. To apply online, you need to use the central admission website xiclassadmission.gov.bd. A minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 college choices can be given while applying online. However, one can apply for one to ten colleges through SMS. Adamjee Cantonment College (EIN 107855) must be selected as the first choice during the selection process.

Detailed admission notice and all other information related to admission, Admission Result can be found on the college’s website acc.edu.bd and the notice board of the college.

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