Islamic University Admission Circular 2020-2021

Islamic University Admission Circular

Islamic University Admission Circular has been published. Candidates have to apply online at Kushtia Islamic University. The Online Application website is iu.ac.bd/admission. Admit Card, Seat Plan and admission test results will be published on the same website.

The detailed admission notice mentions the application eligibility, Admission Test Marks distribution and application process.

The “A” unit of Kushtia Islamic University has Al-Quran and Islamic Studies, Dawah and Islamic Studies and Al-Hadith and Islamic Studies.

Unit B includes Economics, Arabic Language and Literature, Bengali, Islamic History and Culture, English, Public Administration, Political Science, Folklore Studies, Development Studies, Social Welfare, Law, Al Fiqh and Legal Studies, Law and Land Management and Fine Arts.

Unit-C includes Accounting and Information Systems, Management, Finance and Banking, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Tourism and Hospitality Management.

D-Units include Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Information and Communication Technology, Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, Applied Nutrition and Food Technology, Mathematics, Engineering, Biology.

Eligibility for application

The applicant has to pass HSC and equivalent examination in 2020 or 2019 and SSC or equivalent examination in 2015 or later. Each unit must also have separate qualifications for application. Unit-based qualifications are given below.

Unit Group Individual GPA (with 4th Subject) Total GPA with 4th Subject
A Humanities 3.00 6.50
  Business Studies 3.25 6.75
  Science 3.25 7.00
  Technical Education 3.25 6.75
B Humanities 3.00 6.50
  Business Studies 3.25 6.75
  Science 3.25 7.00
  Technical Education 3.25 6.75
C Humanities 3.25 6.75
  Business Studies 3.25 6.75
  Science 3.50 7.25
  Technical Education 3.25 6.75
D Science 3.50 7.50
  Technical 3.50 (Must have Chemistry, Maths, and Physics) 7.50

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