DU Online exams will be follow the rules

If the Corona situation is not normal, Dhaka University has taken the final decision to take the exam online from July 1. The decision was taken at a special meeting of the university council on June 1. Earlier on May 6, this method of conducting online semester final exams was approved.

According to university sources, the online examination committee sought views from teachers of various faculties and institutes of the university to formulate policies on how to conduct online examinations. In the light of the recommendations received from various faculties and institutes, the committee has prepared a comprehensive guideline on online examination and evaluation of answer scripts.

It is learned that the guidelines have made several proposals regarding the conduct of examinations. This includes the issue of preparing an online platform. There is talk of opening Google Classrooms for students every semester or year to take the test. Students will join the Google classroom at least 3 days before the start of the test.

Separate assignments will be opened for each test. The assignment will be attached to the scheduled exam question paper which will be published in Google Classroom 5 minutes before the exam. Candidates will be able to download the question papers. Use the online meeting platform Zoom for monitoring.

Exam time and number will be half of the conventional time and number. However, the number must be converted to a full number when creating the result. However, visually impaired students will get an extra 10 minutes per hour.

Question papers will be of the conventional method (descriptive, MCQ, and short). However, the academic committee of the department can change it if it wants. However, students should be informed about the type of question paper one hour before the start of the examination. Besides, question papers have to be prepared and moderated in a conventional manner.

Students must join the zoom 15 minutes before the start of the test. In this case, instead of the name, only the roll number of the test should be used. Candidates have to keep the video active during the test. Editorial softcopy of the answer sheet must be provided to the candidates at least one day before the commencement of the examination.

At least one member of the examination committee must be physically present in the department or institute on the first day of the examination. In addition, the chief observer must be physically present. An observer will join the online zoom and observe a maximum of 25 candidates.

At the end of the exam, candidates will scan their answer sheets or take a picture and submit it in a single PDF file to the Google classroom assignment (where questions will be asked) within 10 to 30 minutes (pre-determined time).

Candidates can take oral exams online using the Zoom platform. In the case of the practical test, if the physical participation of the examinee is not required, the practical test can be taken online.

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