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BSMRSTU Admission Circular 2017-2018

[ Admission Circular for the Session of 2017-2018 has not been Published Yet. If Admission Circular are Available you will be Found here Detailed Circular with Update Information. Now you can Achieve Some Related and Important Information from Previous Session 2016-2017.]

BSMRSTU Admission Circular 2017-2018

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Technology University. BSMRSTU Admission Circular 2017-2018. I think You are in Right Place If you are Here for Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Techology University Admission Notice 2017-2018, Admission Test Admit Card Download, Admission Test Seat Plan, Admission Test Result or Others Related Information About BSMRSTU.

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Techology Univrsity Admission Admission Circular has been Published.

Now you Can Achieve Some Information and Detailed Instruction about BSMRSTU Admission 2017.

BSMRSTU Highlights: (Based on Previous Session)

Application Start: 9 September 2017

Application End: 18 October 2017

Admission Test Date: 28, 29 October & 04, 05 November 2017

BSMRSTU Admission Eligibility

  • Who Passed the SSC/Equivalent 2013, 2014 and 2015 and Who Passed the HSC or Equivalent in 2016 and 2017.
  • Application Who Passed the O and A Level in the Year of 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, 2017.
  • For A Unit Application Must Have Minimum 3.00 Out of 5.00 With Forth Subject in Both of SSC/Equivalent and HSC/Equivalent Examinations and Total GPA 7.00 with Fourth Subject.
  • For Others Unit:
    From Science Group, Minimum Total GPA 6.50 with Fourth Subject.
    From Others Group, Minimum Total GPA 6.00 with Fourth Subject.
  • For O and A Level Students, Applicant Must Have Minimum 5 “B” Grade in O Level and Minimum 2 “B” Grade in A-Level.
BSMRSTU Admission Test Marks Distributions

For A-Unit:

Physics- 25, Mathematics- 25, Chemistry- 20, English- 10, Total: 80

For B-Unit:

Physics- 25, Mathematics- 25, Chemistry- 20, English- 10, Total: 80

For C-Unit:

Physics- 15, Chemistry- 30, Biology- 35, Total: 80

For D-Unit:

Bangla- 35, English- 35, General Knowledge- 10, Total: 80

For E-Unit:

Bangla- 30, English- 40, General Knowledge- 10, Total: 80

For F-Unit:

For Business Studies: English-20, Bangla-10, Accounting- 25, Principal of Business- 25 Total: 80

For Others: Bangla-25, English-35, General Knowledge and Mathematical IQ-20

For G-Unit:

Bangla-30, English-40,General Knowledge- 10, Total: 80

For H-Unit:

Physics- 15, Chemistry-30, Biology-35

Unit wise Subject and Available Seats:

Unit A

Computer Science and Engineering Seats: 60
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Seats: 60
Applied Physics, Electronics and Communication Engineering Seats: 50
Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Seats: 60

Unit B

Mathematics Seats: 75
Statistics Seats: 70
Chemistry Seats: 95
Physics Seats: 95
Environmental Science & Disaster Management Seats: 195

Unit C

Pharmacy Seats: 50
Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Seats: 80
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Seats: 80

Unit D

English Seats: 70
Bangla Seats: 90

Unit E

Sociology Seats: 100
Public Administration Seats: 90
International Relations Seats: 100
Economics Seats: 70

Unit F

Management Studies Seats: 70
Accounting and Information Systems Seats: 70
Marketing Seats: 100

Unit G

Law Seats: 100

Unit H

Agriculture Seats: 195
Total Seats(without quota): 2025

BSMRSTU Apply Instruction

There are Two Application Method of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Technology University.

Apply Online:

To Apply Online for BSMRSTU Undergraduate Programs visit www.bsmrstu.edu.bd/admission and Fill up the Application Form with Photograph and Others Related Information. After Complete the Online Application form you must Pay the Admission Test Fee via DBBL Mobile Bank.

SMS Method:

Go to Your Mobile Phone SMS Option from any Operator and Type-

MMS<space>BSMRSTU<space>SSC Roll<space>SSC Registration Number<space>SSC Passing Year<space> First 3 Letter of SSC Board<space>HSC Roll<space>HSC Registration Number<space>HSC Passing Year<space> First 3 Letter of HSC Board Name<space>Unit Keyword<space> Quota (if available) and Send to 6969

Example: MMS BSMRSTU 123456 123456789 2014 DHA 12345 1234567 2016 DHA A and send to 6969

After Sending SMS you will be Receive a Bill Number. Reserved this Bill Number and Complete the Payment. For Payment Instruction Please Follow Payment Option from below.

BSMRSTU Payment Instruction

To Pay the Admission Test Fee of BSMRSTU, follow the Payment Instruction of DBBL.

  1. Dial *322# and Select 1 for Payment.
  2. Select 1 for Bill Payment.
  3. Type Biller ID as 372.
  4. Type Bill Number ID (PIN)
  5. Enter 800 for Payment Amount.
  6. Input Your PIN Number to Complete Payment.

After Complete the Payment you will be received a Transaction ID from DBBL. Note down the Transaction ID for Future Reference.

BSMRSTU Details Admission Circular

BSMRSTU Admission Circular

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Technology University Admission Circular

BSMRSTU Admit Card Download

To Download Admit Card for Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Technology University Visit www.bsmrstu.edu.bd/admission. Download your Admission Test Admit Card. After Download Print it out and Sign it.

BSMRSTU Admission Test Details Schedule
Date Day Unit Time Unit Time
28 October 2016 Friday A 10.00 AM B 2.00 PM
29 October 2016 Saturday C 10.00 AM H 2.00 PM
04 November 2016 Friday D 10.00 AM E 2.00 PM
05 November 2016 Saturday F 10.00 AM G 2.00 PM
BSMRSTU Admission Test Seat Plan
A Unit Download
B Unit Download
C Unit Download
H Unit Download

BSMRSTU Admission Test Result

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Technology University Admission Test Result for A,B,C,D,E,F,G and H Units. BSMRSTU Admission Test Results are given below.

A Unit: Result Download
A Unit: Quota Download
B Unit: Result Download
B Unit: Quota Download
C Unit: Result Download
C Unit: Quota Download
D Unit: Result (Humanities) Download
D Unit: Result (Business Studies) Download
D Unit: Result (Science) Download
D Unit: Quota Download
E Unit: Result Download
E Unit: Quota Download
F Unit: Result(Business Studies) Download
F Unit: Result(Science) Download
F Unit: Result(Humanities) Download
F Unit: Quota Download
G Unit: Result Download
G Unit: Quota Download
H Unit: Result Download
H Unit: Quota Download
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